Hair Care FAQ

1.) Can this hair handle heat and chemical processing (Bleach and color)?

-Yes! All Bundles, frontals and closures listed on our website can withstand heat and chemical processing. We recommend having a professional color or bleach your hair. Our Raw hair is perfect for coloring because it is manufactured with no chemicals or steaming whatsoever.

2.) How should I maintain the hair once installed and styled?

-You should definitely wrap your hair every night with a satin scarf or bonnet once installed. You want to take care of the hair as if it was your own natural hair. You should wash your bundles/wigs at least every 2-3 weeks in between installs. When washing and conditioning, use a neutralizing shampoo & conditioner and leave the hair out over night to dry; If you decide to blow-dry the hair to speed up the styling process, we recommend using the dryer on a warm heat setting with a light weight heat protectant.

3.) Does this hair shed or tangle?

Like any human hair attached to a weft you will experience very minimal shedding overtime but nothing too extreme. You will not experience a drastic change in the density of our bundles & wigs.

Keep in mind that Raw Hair tends to be thicker so if you brush it the wrong way, you will experience slight tangling; We recommend you brush from the end to the roots to avoid that. 

3.) How long does this hair last?

-With good maintenance our Raw Cambodian & Burmese Hair can last up to 3-4 years. Our lace frontals & closures can be used for multiple installs, but keep in mind it is hair attached to lace & it needs to be replaced periodically. 

4.) How many bundles do I need for my installs?

For lengths 16-28 inches you only need 3 bundles. The weft on our bundles are longer than normal, giving you more hair to work with.

For lengths 30-34 inches we recommend you get at least 4 bundles if you like your installs with extra density and volume.